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Whether they are certified guides, approved local agencies, our Experts in Madagascar are chosen by TOURISMER for their expertise in responsible tourism. This tourism is based on respect, the quality of exchange and solidarity, it is practiced in small groups.



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For over 15 years we have created hand-picked Zanzibar holidays that inspire and we are proud of our reputation as one of Zanzibar's leading specialist tour operators.

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We offer walking, food, cultural and adventure tours on the island. We have in-depth knowledge of its history, culture and traditions, and we are passionate about it.



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Day trips or safaris in national parks, take advantage of our services to discover the wonders of the island and its surroundings.



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Cultural travel is "the act of traveling to discover places, objects and activities that authentically represent stories and people of the past and present".

On a cultural trip, you can learn new skills, like speaking a foreign language or learning to cook a new cuisine.

Cultural tourism sites are made up of cultural, historical and natural resources.

Cultural tourism also fosters community pride by enabling people to work together to enhance economic and cultural development through distinct community opportunities.

Most of the common positive impacts of cultural tourism include increased intercultural interaction, understanding, maintenance and preservation of local culture, arts, crafts and traditions, empowerment of host communities and reinforcement of cultural values.

Travel to explore, connect and discover yourself. The best trips are those that resonate long after our suitcases have been unpacked, because what we have just discovered has marked us. We see the world, and ourselves, in a new way.


This new way of looking at the world is due, in part, to the way we interact with it during our travels. Who better than a local guide to accompany you on your adventure? They'll help you discover the traditions, customs and treasures of their country. His explanations won't come from a text he's memorized, but from the knowledge and experience he's acquired during his life as a local. In fact, his aim is to pass on his knowledge and give you memories you'll never forget.

There's no trip more banal than a family trip (in the strictest or broadest sense).

The main benefits of a family trip :


- It's a long-term advantage, because you learn a lot. You remember the basic words of the country you're visiting. You enjoy appreciating everything. Things learned through travel and personal experience stay with you longer.

- A trip to a developing country helps to avoid food fads.


When traveling with a child, we're bound to see details we've never seen before. A child questions everything! Children are naturally attentive, and as adults we can draw on their capacity for investigation and curiosity.


Stronger bonds are created through this more focused quality family time, resulting in lasting memories that are priceless.

There's no age limit to discover the world.

By the time you reach your golden years, chances are you've already seen and done much of what there is to see and do in your area. It may be time to change things. Travel can help push you out of your comfort zone and even improve your mental health. Visiting new places, meeting new people and learning about new cultures (including speaking foreign languages) will keep your mind sharp and your life more interesting. In addition, you can engage in various physical activities, such as walking from place to place.

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